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Marios Christou

Conductor, composer, and musical pedagogue Marios Christou (born April 14, 1978 in Nikosia, Cyprus) is the artistic director of the Phillokalia ensemble, choirmaster of the cathedral of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, director of the festival of orthodox music Archaion kallos and a pedagogue at Charles University, Prague.
His activities in the Phillokalia ensemble and in the association Damaskinos (focusing on orthodox art) in combination with his Greek origin and interest in theory of music (analysis of compositions of A. Pärt, Byzantine music) shaped not only his vocal production (Missa in Stylo GraecoCanonic Mass, many arrangements of Greek folk or orthodox music) but also his instrumental output (Sonata for Violin and PianoFirst Prayer for solo clarinetStudy for Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra, etc.).
He obtained his musical education in the Czech Republic, where he studied composition with prof. Václav Riedelbauch at HAMU  (the Academy of Performing Arts), and with prof. J. Gemrot at the Prague Conservatoire, and conducting with prof. H. Farkač and M. Košler at the Prague Conservatoire). He also studied music education and choral conducting at the Faculty of Education of the Charles University (MA course with M. Valášek and PhD course with prof. M. Nedělka).
In 2010 he founded festival of orthodox music Archaion kallos, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. In this year he also debuted as a composer and conductor in Dvořák Hall of the Rudolfinum where he successfully presented his second mass Missa in Stylo Graeco for orchestra, choir and solo baritone.
In September 2009 he established the association Damaskinos that focuses on orthodox art (music, icon painting, films dealing with orthodox spirituality and so on). Till present, M. Christou is the chairman of the association.
In 2006 Marios Christou received an exceptional stipend from the Cypriot government for doctoral studies in the field of theory and pedagogy of music, which he completed in 2009 at the Charles University (dissertation: The Legacy Of The Composers Of The Holy Minimalism – A. Pärt, H. M. Górecki and others).
In 2005 he founded the Phillokalia ensemble and since then he has been conducting the ensemble as well as composing and arranging music for it. In the same year he debuted as a conductor and author of several vocal pieces out of which most acclaimed was the  Canonic Mass.
Apart from working as a conductor and a pedagogue, Marios Christou is at present working on his research on Motivic elaboration and Development in the Kratemata of the 14th. century.


Selected Publications


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